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WLTL Management Application're in the right place then!  Applications for this annual course at Lyons Township High School are due on February 3, 2023 at 11:59pm.  The course is open to incoming Juniors and Seniors only.

To get started, read all about the different jobs and positions below (or you can download this document too). 

Once you've read through the job descriptions, fill out our online application here: 

If you have any questions, please reach out to Mr. Thomas at

Job Descriptions

Read the job descriptions below -or- download the document to the right before beginning.

Click the button to download the Information & Job Packet.

Operations & Programming

Operations Manager:    

Works closely with the faculty advisors to ensure smooth operations of all aspects of the station.  Ensures individual departments and their managers/members are completing their tasks and duties as assigned.  Coordinates WLTL’s awards efforts.  

Program Director:  

Coordinates tryouts both semesters, training sessions and contacts on-air staff regarding schedules, cancellations, etc.  Listens to shows to ensure high quality and to offer feedback to air staff.  Works with promotions, production, sports and news to create and monitor on-air content.

Assistant Program Director:  

Assistants Program Director with monitoring and scheduling air staff. Acts as a liaison between programming and music departments.

Sports Director:  

Plans and prepares broadcasts of major boys and girls sporting events at LTHS.  Coordinates weekly sport talk shows and hosts program Thursdays from 8-10pm.  Evaluates and trains new sports talent (both play-by-play and talk hosts).  Writes bi-weekly blog entries for sport page.

Assistant Sports Director:  

Assistants Sports Director with their job duties. Hosts Tuesday evening sports talk show from 7-8pm.

News Director:  

Produces weekly news review program/podcast.  Takes lead on monthly, radio management produced news magazine show.  Seeks out interviews with community members/leaders on WLTL.  Provides community forum on-air when needed.

Marketing & Promotions

Marketing Director:  

Oversees all of WLTL’s promotional, social media and marketing activities. Responsible for inventory of promotional items.  Coordinates promotional staff and volunteers for all live events (parades, live broadcasts).  Works closely with programming to ensure proper promotion of WLTL shows and events.

Promotions Coordinators:  

Assistants Marketing Director with their job duties by focusing on a single-area within promotions. Specific focus areas include, but are not limited to: Social Media, On-Air, Personnel, Public Relations and Video/MultiMedia.


Engineering Director:  

Maintains equipment and studio furnishings in all of WLTL’s studios.  Ensures all FCC required logs and tests are completed.  Trains staff on equipment as needed.  Schedules and coordinates board operators for shows and sports broadcasts as needed.

Website Director:  

Maintains WLTL’s website. This includes creating content for the site and managing staff who volunteer to help make content. Content can include written pieces, photos, podcasts, videos and more. No knowledge of coding is needed for this position.


Music Director:  

Maintains and expands record/promotion company contacts.  Works with music staff and programming to select 3 to 5 new songs each week for WLTL’s rotation.  Prepares weekly charts for record companies and NACC.  Writes bi-weekly  blog entry for website.

Assistant Music Director:  

Assistants Music Director with their job duties. Responsible for cataloging and organizing WLTL’s music.

Music Marketing Director:  

Assistants Music Director by working to promote the new music WLTL plays. Promotion can occur through on-air promos, website materials, printed materials and more.

Creative Services

Production Director:  

Creates pre-recorded aspects of WLTL such as show and station promos, public service announcements and online specific content as well. Rotates elements on and off of RadioDJ to ensure variety on-air.  Works closely with the Imaging Director and assists in their job duties when needed.

Imaging Director:  

Maintains the on-air brand of WLTL by creating liners, IDs and bumpers.  Rotates elements on and off of RadioDJ to ensure variety on-air.  Works closely with the Production Director and assists in their job duties when needed.

Podcast Director:  

Oversees production and publication of both WLTL podcasts and podcasts created by staff. Will be responsible for brainstorming topics, recruiting hosts and guests, editing podcasts, working with promotions to publicize content.

Staff and Development

Fundraising Director: 

Handles all aspects of WLTL’s annual fundraiser from sponsorships to on-air shifts to television/press coverage.  Seeks new relationships and maintains previous ones as well.

Personnel Director:  

Manages the tryout process for WLTL, and then coordinates efforts to reach staff and bring them into WLTL.  Keeps staff informed of events via email, text and phone calls.  Tracks staff involvement at WLTL.

Staff Development:  

Coordinates training activities for all staff members.  Activities will include booking guest speakers, and distributing training and educational materials.  Coordinates monthly staff meetings and trainings. Works closely with Program Director to ensure proper training at the beginning of each semester.

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