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Meet The Need 

Read below about your local organizations, and how to support them. 

Located at Denning Park in LaGrange, The Leader Shop empowers young people in our community to volunteer. With programs ranging from elementary to high school levels, The Leader Shop has given back over 150,000 hours of service back to the community monetarily.

To find out more, visit 

Could you imagine not having simple necessities like a chair, table, or bed? WLTL sat down with Paul De Boer to learn more about the Chicago Furniture Bank, a non profit organization dedicated to providing dignity, stability and comfort to Chicagoans that face poverty. They save the furniture from the landfill, give it a second use, and benefit the city of Chicago in the process.

P.A.W.S is a non-profit located in Tinley Park. Their motto is "“Saving one homeless animal will not save the world, but surely, for that one homeless animal the world will change forever”. Donate, or volunteer with the Peoples Animal Welfare Society and help with cleaning the animal areas, assisting adopters, walking and feeding.

The Midwest Labrador Retriever Rescue is a local nonprofit that is working hard to find homes for unwanted or abandoned labs. They’ve been making sure dogs in the Chicagoland area have loving and lasting families for almost 25 years. Learn more about how to support them and many other local non-profit organizations at 

Located just off of Ogden Avenue in Hinsdale, Illinois the nonprofit animal shelter is open 6 days a week year round. The humane society prioritizes education and support of their animals through their many volunteer programs. Hinsdale maintains a facility that provides innovative care and adoption services to cats, dogs, and more. To adopt a pet today, visit, Hinsdale Humane Society


Winning With Wyatt is a non-profit organization based out of Lagrange, Illinois supporting research and awareness for pediatric brain tumors. Raising over $1 million since the start of the foundation, Winning With Wyatt is making an impact on fighting America’s leading cause of child cancer deaths.

The Greater Chicago Food Depository provides food for those in need. They provide meals to more than 800 pantries, soup kitchens, shelters in Chicago and its surrounding communities. Last year the Greater Chicago Food Depository distributed 14.7 meals, and with your help they aim to surpass this goal in 2024. To help people struggling with food insecurity donate here-


Pillars Community Health is a nonprofit dedicated to providing accessible healthcare and social services for those in need. They offer a wide range of services to address various needs, including healthcare, dental care, mental health support, domestic and sexual violence intervention, and support services. 

Paws for Patrick is a non profit organization that seeks to connect young people with Emotional Support Animals and therapy animals. In their three years as a charity, they’ve been able to connect many people with ESAs and therapy animals and have worked to break the stigma around mental health.

The Western Golf Association’s Evans Scholar foundation gives hardworking and deserving honor caddies needed scholarships for college. Started in 1930 by the great U.S. open winner Chick Evans along with the Western Golf Association or WGA. The scholarship sends more than 1000 caddies every year to more than 24 of the leading institutions for higher learning across the country. 40% of those caddies are first generation college students. 

The Home2Home Project is a local non-profit organization with the mission “To furnish the homes of formerly homeless families by repurposing gently used furniture and household items” Since 2017, the Home2Home Project has reached out through our community and collected over 59,000 household essentials for those in need. 

CatNap from the Heart is a local non for profit organization located in Lagrange Park. They house cats and small mammals until they can find the right home. CatNap is passionate about building long lasting relationships between the cats and their new families. Visit them at 1101 Beach Ave LGP or call them at 708-353-3914 to adopt today.

In 2022 Latino Juntos decided to give back to LT’s student community. They worked with staff and administrators to develop the LT Care space. It has successfully been running for the past year helping students receive the necessities they need. They provide hygiene products, clothes, food, and much more for LT students.

In a world that is increasingly concerned with climate change and preserving the environment we have here on Earth, GoGreen La Grange serves our local community with the mission to protect the planet for generations to come. They emphasize both local efforts to reduce, reuse, & recycle and other green initiatives and ways to stay sustainable at a community level. More info on their mission and how you can help out can be found on their website.

Beds is a non-profit organization in Lagrange, whose goal is to end homelessness. Through providing permanent and temporary housing, healthcare services and food resources, they have been able to serve over 2,000 people within the past year. They also give counseling and employment assistance to help stabilize lives and prevent long term homelessness.  


Working Bikes is a Chicago-based not-for-profit organization that gives new life and purpose to donated bikes, sending them to communities across the globe. Funded by donations and their storefront, they are peddling true change by providing transit to those who need it most, transforming lives one ride at a time. – Giving old bikes new life

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