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Behind the Music of Music Improv Club

When I embarked on the journey of producing the music that you heard on April 3rd’s WLTL Presents Music Improv Club I had no clue what I was doing. My job at WLTL falls into a little department called News. There I spend my class/job time talking with people. I still can’t believe it myself, I get graded to spend 52 minutes a day talking with people about everything and anything under the sun. However, I wanted to try something new. Not drastic but still new. I had a semi good understanding of what my job, Director of Public Affairs, contained. So, with a little bit of downtime on my hands, why not try something new? Little did I know I got more than what I bargained for.

I met Mr. Schaefer (sponsor of the Music Improv Club) not in the music room, although I do play the cello, but in my Pre Calculus class. It was not until later into the first semester that I heard for the first time a little LT group called Music Improv Club. One day we were chatting about music and I brought up that I played the cello. Mr. Schaefer was looking for new members, and I was looking for a club to join. A perfect match? Well, their meeting times fell upon a little thing I have called work. So, I was not able to join the club but it was always sitting in the back of my brain.

Soon the bell rang for the start of second semester and an idea crept into my mind. What if I recorded the Music Improv Club and played it on air!? Let me take the time to fill you in on a little secret, once I have a vision it will come true. Some might say that it is stubbornness but I say it is perseverance. When I talked with Mr. Schaefer about recording his club, he loved the idea. Soon, on a February Friday after school, I grabbed my recording equipment and walladed up the flight of stairs to the band room to record. After pretending to look like I know how to use this equipment, which I was actually learning on the fly. That first note was played and the rest is history.

It was my job to produce the music you heard. Like any good editor of audio, visual, or paperback, I needed to highlight what the true authors did. I won’t take credit for the raw talent each musician showed in their performance, Mr. Schaefer’s excitement to try something new, or even what music you heard. That performance was solely created by these fabulous musicians.

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