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Manager's Favorite New Music

Welcome to WLTL! We’re LT’s radio station! We’ve got rock music from the 60’s to now, with new music getting added every week. Our managers pick and add these new songs to be played during the shows. Many of our managers have their own shows and so, we asked them what some of their favorite new songs are!

The managers listen to all the songs and then add them throughout the week. Micheal, one of our music managers, really enjoyed the song Blank Chems, by Osees. “It’s a combination of folk and garage rock, but not as garage as The White Stripes.” A great song from a really fun album. It’s the Osees’ 27th album. They formed in 1997 and released their first album in 2004. Hopefully more albums to come from this great band! Listen to Micheal and Katie’s show, Wednesdays 5-7 pm!


Kole, another of our music managers, listened to UUHH by Teezo Touchdown. For fans of Weird Al Yankovich, this song is perfect. Kole’s response about the song was, “his voice and undeniable harmonies are insane and the lyrics are so obscured and self aware that you could get Weird Al out of it.” The music is funky, but perfect to add to our station.

Listen to PJ, Kole, and Egan, Mondays 8-10 pm!


Finally, I spoke to Lily. She’s our operations manager. On her show, she really liked Ready for You by Cherry Glazerr. When asked about the song, she described it as “angsty teenage girl music.” Definitely the perfect song for when you just need a break. This is from their album I Don’t Want You Anymore, being their fourth album. The full album isn’t released yet but it will be, on September 29!

Listen in to Josh, Lilly, and Elise’s show, Tuesdays 5-7 pm!

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