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WLTL is the most awarded radio station in the country. Read below to learn more about these awards! 


Drury Awards: 



3rd Place - Tom Moran WLTL Newscast 1 

Best Radio Drama - Original:

2nd Place - Matt Tapia, Ben Kasl Best of Walk the Plank 2010-2011 



Best High School Station

1st Place - Lyons Township, IL WLTL 


3rd place - Brenden Dzierzynski WLTL News Update 5/14/12 

Best News Feature Story:

1st Place - Ben Kasl Improv 

2nd Place - Camille Suknovich Goes to NAB 

3rd Place: Karl Laubaeher Gap Year

Best Promo:

1st Place - Ben Kasl Radio Test 
3rd Place - Joey Rocco Collin Thomas CD Giveaway  

Best Sportscast:

2nd Place - Mike Maicke Sports Update 5/1412 

Best PSA:

1st Place - Christine Pond Internet Safety 

2nd Place - Jacob Alderman, Sarah Delisi, Camille Suknovich, Brendan Dzwierzynski Going Green 

Best Radio Drama Original:

2nd Place - Ben Kasl, Adam Jumpa, Charlie O’Connell, Dan Dorsano, Matt Van De Somple, Kara Lane, Ryan Foster, Caleb Taekes Best of Walk the Plank 2011-2012 

Best Radio Drama - Adaption

1st Place - LTHS Theater Board students, Karl Laubacher, Evan Boyd It’s a Wonderful Life: A Live Radio Play – Part 2 



Best High School Station 

2nd Place: WLTL – Lyons Township High School

Best Newscast

2nd Place: Nikia Lenef, Breaking News: Boston Massacre 
3rd Place: Brendan Dzwierzynski, Breaking News: Boston Massacre 

Best News Feature Story 

1st Place: Nikia Lenef – Gambling at LT

Best Public Affairs Program

2nd Place: Adrian Petterson: Saturday Morning Medals

Best Sports Play-By-Play

1st PLACE: Mike Maicke, Jonathan Jones – LT Football: Playoffs

Best Sportstalk Program

3rd Place: Jonathan Jones, Dan Devine, Mike Maicke, Matt Gertsmyer:Tuesday Power Hour 

Best Sportscast
3rd Place: Mike Maicke:WLTL Sports Update: 5/23/13 

Best PSA

2nd Place: Collin Thomas, Lisa Jones, Joey Rocco
(Lyons Township, LaGrange, IL: WLTL) Don’t Loiter



Best High School Station

2nd PLACE: Lyons Township, LaGrange, IL: WLTL

Best News Story Feature

1st Place: Hunter Pendleton: Meet The Need - Interfaith Community Partners

2nd Place: Hunter Pendleton WLTL News - Implementation Of Lunch Study Hall

Best Promo

1st Place: Michael McInerney - Psychedelica Britannica 

2nd Place: Hunter Pendleton - Unmixed/Unmastered 

Best Sportstalk Program

3rd Place: Connor Hankins - WLTL Sports - Duke Championship

Best PSA

2nd PLACE: Briana Stirrat, Katie Vaicialis - Stop Smoking 

1st PLACE: Dennis Didenko - Gun Safety 

Best Original Radio Drama

1st PLACE: Luke Nelson, Thomas Atseff, Fred Mood - Adam & Eve 

2nd PLACE:Thomas Atseff, Fred Moody - Last Supper 


Best Public Affairs Program

1st Place: Lars Lonroth - Happenings in the Halls 

Best Radio-Drama Original

1st Place: Fred Moody, Zoe Forsyth, Ogden Elementary - Ogden Avenue School Drama



Best High School Radio Station

1st Place: WLTL Lyons Township High School 

Best News Feature Story 
1st Place: Sam Spratford WLTL News - Meet the Need: Pillars
Best Station Promo

1st Place: Andy Danbury and Paul Kraessig - Expectations 

Best Specialty Music Program

1st Place: Andy Danbury and Paul Kraessig: WLTL Presents - Best Musicians

Best Use of Social Media

1st Place: Madison Waliewski and Andy Danbury - WLTL Spotify Playlists 

Best Website

1st Place: WLTL Radio Management Team -

IBS Awards 


Best Event Promo Nomination:

La Grange Pet Parade Promo by Wolfie Burtner



Best On-Air Personality:

Kaylee Good

Most Creative/Innovative Show:

WLTL Training Podcast - On-Air Breaks by Matthew Walsh and Jake Gripp 

Best Comedy Program:

Medium Rare: Christmas Episode by Ryan Taylor, Michael Walsh and Lila Finnegan

Best Station  or Event Promo:

Welcome Back LT! by Alex Karan and Tommy Riordan

Best Underwriting Spot:

Streaming Sponsorship by Alex Karan 

Best Faculty Advisor, Television:

Advisor of the Year - Chris Thomas

Best Podcast:

So That's Why? - Is LT Haunted Revisited by Kaylee Good and Wolfie Burnter

Best Use of Social Media:

Staff Fact Friday by Anna Cassioppi


Best Celebrity or Artist/Band Interview:

Lilly Dodge Interviews The Moss
Best Community Volunteer Program/Personality:

Magical Mystery Tour by Ken Miller 

Best Sports Play-By-Play (Men's Basketball):

LT Basketball vs. Curie by Sam Viniard & Maks Washchuk

Best Production Director:

Nick Peterson 

Best Social Media Director:

Lila Finnegan 

Best Programming Director:

Mark DeMonte 

Best Station Promotional Poster:

Rock-A-Thon 2023 by Josh Boggess

Best Social Media Account:

WLTL Instagram by Emma White and Lila Finnegan 

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