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WLTL Podcasts

WLTL is there for you 24/7 at 88.1 FM and online.  But sometimes you need a break from all of the awesome music we play.  It's cool.  We understand. And when you need that break check out our podcasts!

Check out some of our latest offerings below! Plus you can subscribe to our podcasts on Spotify as well by clicking the links below the button!


Medium Rare

Medium Rare.jpeg

The final episode of 2022-2023 is here! Listen in and laugh along with WLTL's very own sketch comedy podcast Medium Rare.

WLTL Music Director Lilly Dodge talks with the up-and-coming band The Moss in a wide-ranging conversation about music and more. 

WLTL Interviews: The Moss

The Wanderers - Episodes 1 & 2

In a new radio drama by Emma White, two college students are sent home in the middle of a pandemic. After getting into communication via letters, one of the students, Daisy, has an idea for her and the other student, Kurt, to meet in Wyoming. With a sickness going around and other obstacles to face, both know it’ll be a long journey - but will they face it?

First Years - Mr. Archbold

WLTL's Jake Gripp sits down with first-year LTHS teachers to learn about them and their experience so far. Episode #1 features Mr. Archbold!

Media Arts - South Campus Podcasts

Students from the Intro to Radio & TV course at Lyons Township High School created podcasts this semester.


Check them out here! The episodes include:

  • You're Wrong - a podcast where students debate what is better between two seemingly unimportant and meaningless things.

  • New Ears - a podcast where students listen to a classic album for the first time and give us their reviews.

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