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WLTL Podcasts

WLTL is there for you 24/7 at 88.1 FM and online.  But sometimes you need a break from all of the awesome music we play.  It's cool.  We understand. And when you need that break check out our podcasts!

Check out some of our latest offerings below! Plus you can subscribe to our podcasts on Spotify as well by clicking the links below the button!


Medium Rare

Medium Rare.jpeg

WLTL's very own sketch comedy podcast is back for season three and it kicks off with our October episode! Check it now and be ready to laugh, chuckle and probably groan a little too.

LT Speaks - Mr. Dailey


WLTL News Director Jack Hull sits down with LTHS College and Career Center Director Mr. Cody Dailey to talk about his position, the center and how it can help all LT students!

Under the Lampshade - Ep. 3

Join WLTL's Alex Karan and him and his friends discuss a variety of topics on the second episode of their new podcast!

WLTL News - A Day with Dr. Tyrell

WLTL's LIlja Waliewski spent a day with LTHS Principal Dr. Jen Tyrrell to get to know her, her job, and just how she became principal of Lyons Township High School.

So That's Why? - Library Jacket

Join the students of WLTL as they answer the question So That's Why about various things they notice around LTHS, such as what is the deal with that jacket hanging on the wall in the North Campus Library?

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