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WLTL Podcasts

WLTL is there for you 24/7 at 88.1 FM and online.  But sometimes you need a break from all of the awesome music we play.  It's cool.  We understand. And when you need that break check out our podcasts!

Check out some of our latest offerings below! Plus you can subscribe to our podcasts on Spotify as well by clicking the links below the button!

Quick Takes

Before you check out the latest hits on WLTL listen in and see what our staff thinks of them first!

Each episode of quick takes features a review of only one song, so you won't be glued to your podcast player for too long (unless you want to listen to more than one...then don't let us stop you). Listen to the latest offerings below -or- by clicking here.

NFL Mock Draft

WLTL's Tommy Riordan is a HUGE football fan. Who knew?  We didn't, because when he told us he was producing this podcast we were all a little shocked. But guess what, he is a HUGE KNOWLEDGABLE football fan!

Listen to his limited series on the 2024 NFL Draft below -or- by clicking here.

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