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WLTL Management Application're in the right place then!  Applications for this annual course at Lyons Township High School are due on January 26, 2024 at 11:59pm.  The course is open to incoming Juniors and Seniors only.

To get started, read all about the different jobs and positions below (or you can download this document too). 

Once you've read through the job descriptions, fill out our online application here:

If you have any questions, please reach out to Mr. Thomas at

Job Descriptions

Read the job descriptions below -or- download the document to the right before beginning.

Click the button to download the Information & Job Packet.

Operations Director ::: WLTL

The Operations Director is the student-manager in charge of all aspects of WLTL 88.1 FM and  Their role is similar to that of a CEO - yes, they are in charge of the everyday operation of the organization, but ultimately you are here to support your managers and staff to ensure they have the proper tools and training needed to thrive at WLTL. 


  1. Ensure department heads for WLTL 88.1 FM and are properly trained and have all the tools necessary to successfully run their departments.

  2. Work closely with the programming to schedule syndicated programs.

  3. Work closely with the Personnel Director to run monthly staff meetings.

  4. Step-in and work in any department as needed (for assistance or due to unsatisfactory performance).


Program Director

The Program Director oversees everything that airs on WLTL 88.1 FM.  While there are many different departments who create the content for the airwaves, the Program Director is responsible for ensuring that the sound of our station is consistent across departments.   


  1. Ensure on-air shifts are scheduled and to follow-up with shows about their attendance as needed.

  2. Schedule pre-recorded programs on RadioDJ.

  3. Check that on-air promotions, PSAs and other programs are loaded and not out-of-date.

  4. Verify staff is following program logs.

  5. Provide Programming Staff and Faculty/Adult Supervisors with a daily schedule of programs.


Digital Program Director 

The Digital Program Director oversees all audio and video content for  While there are many different departments who create the content for the website, the Program Director is responsible for ensuring it is posted and/or scheduled.


  1. Coordinate the creation of audio and video content for

  2. Ensure that content is posted in a timely manner

  3. Work with On-Air Program Director to promote listening to 88.1 FM on

  4. Work with Music, Sports and other departments to post their content.


Music Director

The Music Director oversees the selection of new music for WLTL 88.1 FM. Working with the entire Music Department, they establish and maintain connections within the music industry to ensure new music is delivered to WLTL


  1. Maintain communications with your music representatives on a weekly basis.

  2. Review new music sent to you from your music reps

  3. Recommend new songs to be added to the WLTL Rotation

  4. Coordinate the uploading of new music to WLTL (3-5 songs per week)

  5. Determine which songs remain in our rotation and which ones are removed


Assistant Music Director(s) 

The Assistant Music Director(s) oversee all aspects of the music department both behind-the-scenes and publicly on


  1. Chart weekly Top 30 playlist to (with input from the entire music department).

  2. Maintain communications with your music representatives on a weekly basis.

  3. Review new music sent to you from your music reps

  4. Recommend new songs to be added to the WLTL Rotation

  5. Post a new music blog weekly to (one post per week, not per person)


Music Marketing Director

Assists Music Director by working to promote the new music WLTL plays. Promotion can occur through on-air promos, website materials, printed materials and more.


  1. Create weekly Spotify playlist of New Music for staff to review before their shows.

  2. Coordinate blog posts from Music Department 

  3. Create blog posts as needed

  4. Maintain communications with your music representatives on a weekly basis.

  5. Review new music sent to you from your music reps.


Sports Director

The Sports Director oversees the entire sports operations of WLTL Radio.  This includes coordinating auditions, developing our sports schedule, scheduling play-by-play announcers, pre/post game hosts and sideline reporters.  They are also responsible for hosting our weekly talk show Thursday Night Throwdown. 


  1. Prepare a weekly rundown for Thursday Night Throwdown.

  2. Schedule hosts for talk shows and play-by-play sports.

  3. Maintain remote broadcast equipment.

  4. Obtain interviews with LTHS athletes and coaches.

  5. Prepare a weekly rundown for Tuesday Power Hour (Assistant).


Assistant Sports Director(s)

The Assistant Sports Director(s) oversee all sports content for, including podcasts, blogs and social media campaigns.  They will also host our Tuesday Night Power Hour.


  1. Prepare a weekly rundown for the Tuesday Night Sports Show.

  2. Work with the Podcasting Director to coordinate sports podcasts from staff.

  3. Post a weekly Sports Blog to 

  4. Maintain our WLTL Sports social media accounts and/or posts.


News Director

The News Director oversees all news content on WLTL 88.1 FM.  This may include daily newscasts, weekly news shows and any special events news coverage (breaking news, elections, etc)


  1. Record one daily newscast per week and schedule staff for other shifts.

  2. Record, edit and submit weekly news program for on-air playback. 

  3. Maintain Hot List web page with news for on-air staff.

  4. Post a bi-weekly News Blog to 

Promotions Director

The Promotions Director oversees all promotion content for WLTL 88.1 FM, maintains our station promotional inventory (t-shirts, giveaway items, buttons, etc), and work with Production to ensure the proper promotions of WLTL and our programs on-air.


  1. Check on-air promos to ensure they are up-to-date and reflective of what is happening at WLTL.

  2. Create and maintain on-air live read binder for personalities.

  3. Coordinate all on-air giveaways

  4. Inventory promotional items and secure quotes for new/replacement materials.

  5. Develop new promotional materials/items/posters (with Online Director)


Social Media Director 

The Social Media Director will oversee all social media accounts for WLTL, including but not limited to, Instagram, Facebook, X (formerly Twitter), TikTok and Snapchat. They will take the lead on producing content and will be in charge of the calendar, along with both short term and long term planning and campaigns.


  1. Schedule social media posts for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others.

  2. Develop and coordinate online giveaways and contests 

  3. Develop new promotional materials/items/posters (with Promotions Director)


Production Director

The Production Director oversees all pre-recorded materials for playback on WLTL 88.1 FM.  This may include, but is not limited to, public service announcements (PSAs), promotions, liners, sweepers, legal IDs, etc.  They are responsible for maintaining the consistent sound of WLTL throughout all of the productions.


  1. Work with various departments to ensure their content is being promoted.

  2. Write or edit scripts as needed for PSAs, promotions and more.

  3. Record, edit and finalize all production pieces and submit for playback on WLTL.

  4. Maintain Production Calendar to stay ahead of major events (holidays, Rock-A-Thon, sports, etc).


Imaging Director

Maintains the on-air brand of WLTL by creating liners, IDs and bumpers.  Rotates elements on and off of RadioDJ to ensure variety on-air.  Works closely with the Production Director and assists in their job duties when needed.


  1. Write or edit scripts as needed for IDs, liners, sweepers and more.

  2. Record, edit and finalize all imaging pieces and submit for playback on WLTL.

  3. Work with departments to create campaigns for various projects.

  4. Create and maintain library of specific imaging (1980s, New Music, etc)


Podcast Director

The Podcast Director oversees all aspects of podcasting for WLTL, including, but not limited to, scheduling training sessions and recordings, uploading and posting of shows, and creation of new content for staff to be involved with.


  1. Record, Edit and Post at least one new podcast of your own creation bi-weekly.

  2. Develop communal podcasts for staff/faculty to contribute stories/segments to.

  3. Work with interested staff to develop their podcasts

  4. Schedule recording/editing times -or- help them with the technology.


Personnel Director

The Personnel Director oversees all aspects of our staff for both WLTL 88.1 FM and  They must work closely with all departments to ensure accurate personnel information is recorded and proper training is provided.  They also coordinate our monthly staff meetings.


  1. Develop and maintain our WLTL Staff Database both on Google Sheets and in the 5-Star App.

  2. Send weekly staff email (with content input from all departments)

  3. Publish staff profiles both in print (at WLTL) and through email to foster a sense of staff comradery. 

  4. Operate our Staffer-Of-The-Month program (with input from all departments)

  5. Track and log any staffing issues (attendance, disciplinary actions, etc)

  6. Coordinate our monthly staff meetings (with Operations Manager)


Fundraising Director

The Fundraising Director is responsible for anything and everything that has to do with fundraising for WLTL, including potential membership drives and our annual fundraising weekend Rock-A-Thon


  1. Foster relationships with local & national businesses to generate funds for WLTL.

  2. Develop marketing materials for membership drives and fundraising events.

  3. Coordinate Rock-A-Thon weekend (along with General Manager & Ops Manager).

  4. Track donations to WLTL through Google Sheets.


Staff Development Director

Coordinates training activities for all staff members.  Activities will include booking guest speakers, and distributing training and educational materials.  Coordinates monthly staff meetings and trainings. Works closely with Program Director to ensure proper training at the beginning of each semester


  1. Coordinate monthly staff meetings with other managers

  2. Plan, promote and execute staff trainings each month

  3. Work with Personnel Director on virtual trainings and emails

  4. Help evaluate on-air show with Programming to identify areas of improvement for students and WLTL overall.

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