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Why We Are Different

When compared to other FM stations on the dial, there are two main qualities setting WLTL apart.

The first is obviously our lack of commercials. We live and die by our motto, 'Everything else is just radio,' always pledging to bring you commercial-free content. The second is our music.

​WLTL follows the all but extinct music model of allowing our DJs to choose the songs. The only rules are that the same artist cannot be played twice in 2 hours and the same song cannot be played twice in 4 hours. 


This model truly fosters our aim to play VARIETY rock. With each DJ's show comes an entirely new spin on what two hours of rock music look like. Though, there is one common thread throughout every music show on 88.1 FM: you're sure to hear the latest releases from a selection of up and coming bands. And that is where the Music Department comes in.

Each week, record labels and independent artists from across the country, (or in some cases, across the world) send WLTL their new releases, which get reviewed by our Music Department. Certain songs are selected to be added to our systems, and DJs pick three of these brand new tracks to play each hour. New music on WLTL. It's a phrase you'll often hear our DJs say on air.

​After the week is over, the Music Department reviews which songs our DJs chose, and submits a list of the top 30 to the North American College & Community Radio Charts. This supports the artists we play, and the labels which represent them.

WLTL Interviews The Moss

WLTL Music Director Lilly Dodge talks with the up-and-coming band The Moss in a wide-ranging conversation about music and more.

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