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Dottie's Top 5 Performances

WLTL Freshman Show Host Dottie Rolek is also a member of the LTHS Theater and this weekend she's in The House at Pooh Corner, a children's play happening at the South Campus Performing Arts Center. Read her reflections about this show and her other favorites below!

Then be sure to click here for show details and be sure to come out and support the LTHS Theater Program (and Dottie of course)!


Theater is a big part of my life and has helped me in more ways than you’d think. I started being in shows when I was 6, and eventually started to ‘double show’ when I had the time to be in two shows at once. While leading up to performances can be scary, nerve wracking, and intimidating, the outcome is always far greater than the practices and the hard work pays off! With that being said, here are my top 5 performances!

5. Matilda

Matilda the musical is at number 5 for me because it has never been a show that I’ve liked to watch or be in. The story line in my eyes is upsetting and dark - even in the jr. versions. I was in a community theater when I was casted in the show. The story follows a little girl who’s parents are extremely mean and favor her own brother instead of her. She is a very talented and smart girl, and loves to read when she’s six. Matilda of course loves her teacher Ms. Honey. She is a very sweet, kind, and loving character. The principal of Matilda’s school is Ms. Trunchbull, by her name you could’ve guessed that this is our antagonist during the show. She is a very comedic and mean character. During a small portion of the show, we get flashbacks to an Escapologist and Acrobat with a storyline built out of Matilda’s imagination. During this show I played the Escapologist. The role wasn’t a lead, but it was big enough for me to be happy. The costumes were fun and I had several friends with me during rehearsals. I was in the jr. musical version, and had a song & dance to perform. This show is placed here because of the show itself not being very enjoyable to put on.

4. The House at Pooh Corner

The play The House at Pooh Corner follows Winnie the Pooh, Christopher Robin, Eeyore, Tigger, Rabbit, Kanga, Roo, and Early and Late through a journey to fix Eeyore’s house. This show for me took a lot of work and dedication to put on, but the performances were highly rewarding. I made some new friends as this was a school play at LT South Campus my freshman year here. I played Christopher Robin in the Honey Cast and had so much fun with the show. I loved Tigger and Pooh as a kid, but I’m sure my parents and family enjoyed it even more as they grew up with it. The show is based off of the books, so the play was a lot different then I remember it being. Each character represents a different type of person or personality, so it was hard for both me and my cast to put that onto a stage.

3. Addams Family

This show was the first big lead I’d ever played, and I was in a community theater. I was in 7th grade at Park Jr. High and was so invested into the show. Addams Family the musical follows Wednesday Addams and her new boyfriend Lucas as she tries to convince her family to invite him over for dinner. The dinner is absolute chaos and these characters are so dynamic and fun. The soundtrack is one of my favorites and the show is so different from many I’ve been in. I played Gomez Addams, Wednesday’s father, and had so much fun portraying this character. I made several friends through this show, many of whom I am still close to now. The work was a good amount of work, as I had a bigger role, but the payoff again was amazing. Everyone who came to see the show enjoyed it immensely.

2. The Wizard of Oz

The Wizard of Oz the musical was my 8th grade school show at Park Jr. High. I played the Cowardly Lion and had so much fun in the Emerald city with many of my friends. The set, props, and costumes were stunning and I loved being able to perform the show. This show took some work as well, and the show was the longest that I’ve had to put on. The show follows Dorothy trying to get back home, while on the way meeting some new friends in the land of Oz. This character was one of my favorite roles I’ve had the chance to play, and the show itself is a classic.

1. Legally Blonde

This show is my favorite because I had a lead and very comedic role. This role was very fun to play and work with. I managed to put together a New York accent, and everyone loved it! Legally Blonde took some work as well, but I was with several theater friends which made the rehearsals so much better. The show follows Elle Woods as she tries her hardest to get her ex-boyfriend back, by proving him wrong and showing how smart she is. Along the way she makes friends, like Paulette Buonufonte, and Emmett Forrest. Eventually, she decides that she’s better off without her ex, and is very happy & accomplished. During the show, I played Paulette and had so much fun with it! I had a great role, and I was most confident with my singing at the time.

Overall, I love being in theater and it’s helped me so much in life. Theater is part of me and I am so proud of these shows. The people involved are so amazing, and I truly wouldn’t want to spend my time doing anything else with anyone else.

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