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The Electronic Band that made the 80s.

Depeche Mode, known as the most popular electronic band, broke the world with their dark and romantic music. The band formed in 1980 outside of London with members Vince Clark, Martin Gore, Andy Fletcher, and Dave Gahan.

Rock music had just sparked new interest in many with new sounds and machines. Gahan said that you could pick up a synthesizer and go to a gig. Quite literally, some of Depeche Mode’s first gigs were on trains. With their debut album, Speak & Spell in 1981, they became significantly popular in the UK. Techno at the time was gloomy and bleak. The group added more of a dance beat with provocative and moody lyrics. It became one of the ten best selling albums in the UK. 1981 quickly.

Similarly, they reached a broad audience in the US too with the hit album Violator. On the album, Enjoy the Silence quickly became their most popular song with millions of CDs and records sold and being played on the radio frequently. The song is still loved greatly with 368 million views on YouTube. Since then Depeche Mode has had no trouble reaching top 40 charts with singles and selling millions of records.

Depeche Mode members identify themselves as pop musicians, some fans disagree saying they are more goth or post-punk. Depeche Mode’s songwriter, Martin Gore, said that most pop songs don’t reflect life the way it really is. Depeche Mode’s music made radio programmers unsettled with their peculiar music. After 40+ years of performing, recording, and producing, Depeche Mode is still active to this day with magnificent and new music. Depeche Mode has left a massive impression on Electronic and Post-Punk music.

They changed the rock scene for many and influenced indie bands like Coldplay and The Killers or pop artists like Lady Gaga to hard-rock bands like Nine Inch Nails and Rammstein.

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