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Want to Be on WLTL?

That. Is. Awesome.

We are so glad you are interested in being involved with one of America's #1 High School Radio Station (yes...that's official. We won the title in 2022).

Students can begin working at WLTL at any point...just let us know you want in by filling out the application below and joining us for our staff meetings!

What Do I Need to Do to Get Started at WLTL?

1) Fill out the online application by clicking here.

2) If you are auditioning for a live music show or for sports talk, you must come to auditions at WLTL!  They run Monday, August 28 to Thursday, August 31 from 3:05pm to 8pm in Room 9 North Campus. For your audition, you will be asked to not only complete the packet, but also do a vocal test (script provided), a sample DJ break and an interview. Not sure how to host a DJ Break? Take a listen to this podcast from WLTL's own Matt and Jake! They provide some helpful tips and examples!

If you are not auditioning for a show, you just need to fill out the online packet!

3) Plan on attending our next staff meeting!  Our next one is Monday, September 18 at 3:20pm in our studios at North Campus (Room 9).

That's it!  Easy enough, right?

Questions? Email and we will help you out! 

How to Host a DJ BreakWLTL Radio
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