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Best Places to Travel

With spring break around the corner, here are my top three vacation destinations that you can check out for vacation or simply take a break!

Coming up in the number 3 spot is Anguilla. This beautiful island is in the Caribbean with a golf club, a boutique luxury resort, and a fleet of jets to ferry guests from key U.S. cities. It is simpler than ever to get to with American Airlines launching the first-ever nonstop, direct flight from Miami on Dec. 11. Private charter flights by Tradewind Aviation have also resumed service to the island. They have additionally opened a more affordable annex of suites called Quinn that debuted in 2022.

In the number two spot, we have Alaska. This vast state, famous for its towering, snow-capped peaks, pristine wilderness, massive national parks, and colorful locals, made for a dynamic destination with no passport required. Alaska is set to see myriad new offerings and events. In Juneau, the Sealaska Heritage Institute will open its Arts Campus (where visitors will be able to learn about Alaska Native art and culture) and will host Celebration, one of the largest gatherings of Indigenous peoples.

Lastly, in the number one spot, the best place to travel, is Abruzzo, Italy. Stretching from the heart of the Apennines to the Adriatic Sea on the peninsula's southeastern side, Abruzzo, Italy has long been one of the country's most overlooked destinations despite its unspoiled villages, picturesque Trabocchi Coast, and stunning natural escapes. Over the past few years, it has become home to an ambitious harbinger of slow travel, sustainable gastronomy, and conscious hospitality.

And with this stunning city, we conclude today's list of Top Places to Travel.

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