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The Top Five Worst Halloween Candies

Everyone has their favorite candy but what’s a candy that is so revolting that you despise it? I’m here to tell you my opinion on this very important issue. But without further ado here is my list of the top 5 worst Halloween candies.

5. Licorice

I may be in the minority for this but I don't really care. I dislike licorice. It's not a good candy. No matter what brand or color I have never been a licorice enjoyer. It's just too leathery a texture for my tastes. I think something we can all agree on is that black licorice is a disgusting candy that nobody likes.

4. Fruity Chews

On paper this candy seems like it should be good. Its counterpart, the Tootsie Roll, is great candy so why not make it with fruity flavors. But the execution was just not there at all. It is just a gross hard candy with odd flavors that don’t cut it. Yet this candy always seems to somehow end up in your trick or treat basket at the end of the night.

3. Dots

I don’t even know where to start with dots. Like what are they even supposed to taste like. For me, Dots taste bland and flavorless, not fruity. That's even if you can bite into them most of the time they are always hard and stale rather than being soft and chewy. It's so underwhelming too because they look like this soft delicious gum drop but then it has to taste horrible.

2. Candy Corn

In my opinion candy corn is not that tasty and can’t compare to other candies. Also it's too controversial, everyone seems to have a strong stance on this candy. I don’t like it but i don’t hate it either, I hate getting in the crossfire of the waging war that is candy corn. But I can compliment the nice design of the tricolor triangle. As well as how it has cemented itself as a halloween/spooky season staple.

1. Almond Joy

Imagine this, it's halloween you just finished trick or treating your tired and exhausted from walking around all night and just want to eat some candy. Before you can eat, someone wants to trade for your king size candy so you listen to what they have to offer. Then they offer you an Almond Joy! An Almond Joy! That is so disrespectful because Almond Joy is such a bad candy. It has an awful pairing of coconut and almond. It is also that they put joy in the name as if to trick people into thinking that it might be good candy and bring them joy. The only thing it brings is a horrid taste in your mouth. That's why Almond Joy is the worst candy.

That's it, that's my list of the top five worst halloween candies. Think I missed a candy that should be on this list or completely disagree with the whole entire thing. Make sure to comment down below and state your opinion on the subject.

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