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WLTL Unplugged

WLTL has begun a series of monthly installments called Unplugged. In this series, we find LT artists or alumni that are willing to showcase their musical talent. Using production C, which is our most recently renovated production room, we’re able to record artists and later air their shows. One of the performers, Ella Cuttica, said this about the show “I loved WLTL because I don’t usually share my music with people at school but unplugged was a comfortable space where I felt encouraged and excited to share”. The first installment featured Grace Johnson, Ella Cuttica, and Logan Baffico with Sparrow Fuller. Unplugged has created an artistic environment where musicians can share their music, and us at WLTL can edit and produce these shows. The second unplugged show will feature Sofia D’Antonio, Charlie Plewa, and Nolan Beyer. To hear it, tune into WLTL 88.1 on May 13th at 7pm. 

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