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Easy (and Tasty) Recipes for a Quick Bite

As much as I love cereal, ramen, and other quick meals, I get tired of them pretty quickly. I never have much time between classes, homework, and work, so I’ve been experimenting with some easy bites for breakfast, lunch, and snacks, and I thought I’d share some with you guys!

Breakfast Bites

Blueberry French Toast in a Mug

Okay, this one’s great if you’re craving a sweeter breakfast, especially if you use way too much maple syrup (just like me). There’s just a few ingredients that most have in their kitchens already, and what’s nice is that you don’t have to use blueberries, you can really add any fruit or topping you usually like on french toast (like chocolate chips or strawberries)! Here’s the recipe I use.


This one’s a pretty common one, but it’s just an egg in the middle of a piece of toast. I like to make the egg over-easy so I can dip the toast cut-out in the yolk, but you can cook the egg to your liking. You can also add a slice of cheese on top to add a little extra flavor too! Here’s a basic recipe for it.

Lip-smacking Lunches

Microwave Mac-N-Cheese

This one’s so easy, and you can really mix it up however you’d like: add some veggies or protein, use a different kind of pasta, add some spices, etc. It takes no more than 5 minutes, and this is the recipe I use.

Ramen Carbonara

If you religiously eat instant ramen noodles, this is a good way to change ‘em up a little bit. Take the noodles, toss the spice packet (or save it, it’s up to you), and whip it up with a creamy sauce and some bacon. Just be careful with the heat on the stove, because if it’s too hot, it’ll scramble the egg instead of making it into a sauce. This is the recipe.

Simple Snacks


These are a personal favorite of mine because they’re sweet, healthy, and perfectly snack-sized. To make the process super easy, get a bag of the mixed frozen fruit of your choice next time you’re at the grocery store. I personally love blueberries, strawberries, and mango, and I usually just add a couple handfuls of the fruit mix to my blender, pour in enough milk (your choice what kind!) to cover the fruit, and then add some honey for a little extra sweetness. Blend it together and voila! Extra points if you top it with whipped cream, because who doesn’t love whipped cream.

Lunchmeat & Cheese Roll-ups

Not hungry enough for a whole sandwich! Well here’s your solution: roll-ups! Get the lunchmeat and cheese of your choice, and roll a slice of each together. It only takes a few seconds, and a couple of these make for a nice snack. My favorite combo is prosciutto and mozzarella, but mix it up with turkey, ham, salami, muenster, cheddar, swiss, etc.

Those are the recipes! I hope you like ‘em, and they make your life a little easier (and tastier). Enjoy!

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