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New Music This Spring

Spring has finally arrived and artists have sprung into announcing their many new albums! Taylor Swift and Billie Eilish being some of the big names in the music industry right now, both announced that they had new, upcoming albums. So, let's dive in and see what music we should be excited for!

First up, we have the ever famous Taylor Swift. After much speculation that she was releasing “Reputation (Taylor’s Version)” sometime soon, she gave fans a huge surprise. Back on February 4, she announced that her 11th album, “The Tortured Poet’s Department,” would be coming out soon. The official release date for that is April 19, 2024. Not only does this album have 16 songs and a bonus track, Taylor also collaborated with Post Malone and Florence + The Machine for songs on the album. There’s going to be 4 different versions of this album, each including their own bonus track. Recently, Swift put secret messages into her songs on Apple Music. When looking at the lyrics, day by day a message is being spelt out. Different letters of different songs are capitalized. Swift is notorious for her puzzles and this one seems to be spelling out a message. As of today (April 16) the message spells out “I” (Instagram)  “Hereby” (Glitch) “Conduct” (Peace) “This” (Better Than Revenge (Taylor’s Version)). The current theory is that the phrase will be “I hereby conduct this meeting to order” or something similar, as there’s 3 days left until the album is released and that’s a possible final three words. We’ll find out soon…

Billie Eilish also decided to go on and surprise and confuse many of her fans by adding them to her “close friends” story on Instagram. After making a few, seemingly random, posts to her story, she revealed why. She was announcing her third studio album! After the success of both "When We All Fall Asleep Where Do We Go?" and "Happier Than Ever", she has now gone on to announce Hit Me Hard and Soft. The release date is set for May 17, so fans will have to wait a little bit longer. Lucky enough though, Eilish has released the tracklist for her upcoming album, including one titled “L’Amour de ma vie,” which translates to, “love of my life.” We’re excited to hear what's coming!

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