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WLTL's Trip to NYC

There’s nothing like New York City! Back in the first weekend of March, four other managers and I got to take a trip over to NYC for the annual Intercollegiate Broadcasting System Conference. This amazing conference allows for College and High School radio/TV stations across the United States to connect and learn from one and another while meeting professionals in the Industry. So, WLTL is very lucky to attend each year!

Fun Fact: Mr. T is actually the president of the Intercollegiate Broadcasting System!

The conference lasts over two fun-filled days, allowing for many different info sessions, panels, and meet ups. Between the two days I personally picked to focus on Podcasting from the Pros, PR for my Station, Crafting Your On-Air Presentation, Programming/Branding/Imaging Panel, and Playlist Manager/Charting, but by far my favorite session was The Business of Podcasting. Before popping in for that chat I had little to no experience with talk radio or podcasting, but I came out OBSESSED with how I can integrate new opportunities for our station and at least 25 ideas for successful podcasts. Hopefully in the future, I will be able to make WLTL a podcasting hub!

Another special aspect of the IBS conference is the award series it holds. With over 72 unique categories, IBS gives media students many ways to gain recognition for their work. Out of WLTL’s 27 nominations this year we walked away with 8 awards over multiple categories, and even though there were awards we didn’t end up winning, other stations who worked hard were rewarded for their efforts, so it all balanced out. This year's awards were extra special for me because I ended up taking two awards for my work on our instagram account, @wltl881, and my direction in Social Media. I am so truly thankful for the recognition and am happy for all the other wonderful staff who received trophies as well!

Aside from the knowledge the group was gaining from each panel, we also got to take a shot at being classic New York City tourists. Each night, after the final session, we all filed back to our hotel rooms to get ready before hitting the town. Seeing that it was some of our first time in the Big Apple, we visited the classics such as the Times Square and Radio City Music Hall, but also took the subway all over town to experience different neighborhoods and view famous landmarks. Out of every place we visited I took the most away from our stop in The Strand Bookstore. I loved the vibes of working around the stacks of books by aspiring and classic authors, and don’t even get me started on the vinyl and artwork for sale. Next time I am in New York I will for sure be popping back in, even if it’s just to feel the feels of the store. 

Sadly, all things must come to an end and we left Sunday night. This was a spectacular  trip and all of us were definitely eager to come back as soon as we could. Now I know this blog post was not as fulfilling as actually visiting the city, so I put it to get a vlog covering all the silly things we did and iconic places we visited. If you’re interested in my perspective of the 2024 New York trip it can be found on our YouTube: wltl881. Along with that the exclusive photo gallery of the weekend is linked at the end of this post!

Such a wonderful trip, I hope to see NYC next year!

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