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Listen to New Music on WLTL!

WLTL is constantly playing new music. As spring approaches, make sure to check out all of these new songs. 

Also keep an eye out for new blog posts from managers and staff. If you're interested in learning about all of WLTL's awards check out the link here

Thank you so much to all of our listeners and to those who donated during Rock-A-Thon and a special thanks to your 2024 Business Supporters! See them all by clicking here! 

Click this link to donate to WLTL and check out new WLTL and Rock-A-Thon merch designs! 

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Discover Music on WLTL

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New music this week on WLTL! Click on the bands to learn more about the artists!


Last 5 Songs on WLTL

See our full playlist and even search previous shows at

Download the free Audacy app below and listen to WLTL everywhere!

Visit the WLTL Blog

Our students and staff have opinions on lots of things - Music, Sports, News, name it, we'll blog about it! Check out our latest post below!

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