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Emmy's Favorite Songs

This semester we are looking at our staff's favorite songs. We start off with Emmy's three picks!

Snowbank Blues - The Backseat Lovers

As we enter into the snowy season, a low key song with a perfect tune will always have a grip on me. Personally I think The Backseat Lovers are such a good band and the way this song just hits is just perfect, I think I have been forming an emotional connection to it. The lead singer, Joshua Harmon just has the perfect voice for a song like this, and the rest of the band matches it so well, it really gets me in the feels for cold weather and everything. This could possibly be the best song I have ever heard. I wish I could go back and re-listen to this for the first time. It was a cultural reset for me.

Love on the Brain - Rihanna

This song was my #1 most listened to song on my Spotify wrapped this year, with at least one listen everyday. For me this is a song I don’t think I can ever get sick of. It’s also the kind of

song I can just sing as loud as I want. Along with Snowbank Blues, Love on the Brain has such a hook on me, I can’t even explain it. I also think this is the best Rihanna song ever made with Shut up and Drive being a close second. Rihanna really hits home for me almost every time and she’s so unbelievably good at what she does, I love her music so much.

Grass Eater - The Mellowells

For the last two years this song has been in my top three on my Spotify wrapped. I am going to be honest, I don’t know what it is about this song but I feel like I could listen to it for the rest of my life. I love the way he sings and this song is just so catchy. It's so easy to learn the words and that is something I look for in songs. If the lyrics are easy I usually really like the song. Especially for this one, I can never seem to get enough of it, I could have it on repeat all the time and probably never complain once.

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1 Comment

May 24, 2023

Great songs with deep meaning. I really liked them. However, this song has few plays on SoundCloud. I think it is worth popularizing it through soundcloud promotion

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