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Knock Your WLTL Audition Out of the Park!

Trying out for WLTL Radio next week? That's awesome! We are so excited to have you join our family.

Just a reminder...not everyone will qualify for a live weekly radio show, but don't worry! If you don't we PROMISE that you can still be involved (and even still be on-air).

So since you want to do your best for your audition you probably should take a minute (OK a few minutes) to prepare. Here is what you need to do:

1). Fill out the online information form at this link. This is required if you are auditioning for a live on-air show, sports talk show or to be part of our news team. Additionally, even if you don't want those jobs but still want to help, there is info in here for you to fill out. Make sure to do this BEFORE you arrive at WLTL for your audition. If you don't we'll ask you to complete the form before moving on.

2). As part of your audition you will be asked to do a vocal test. We will hand you a script to read (and give you some time to practice it before you do). Nothing to practice or prepare for here...we just thought you'd like to know.

3). You will be asked to host a mock on-air DJ break. This should last around 30 seconds. This gives you the opportunity to show us what a show might sound like for you. If you are brand new to this and don't exactly know how to start, make sure to ask our students managers at your audition for some tips. Plus you can listen to this helpful, quick podcast about how to do this from WLTL Alumni Matthew Walsh '23 and Jake Gripp '23.

4). You will sit down for a quick 5 minute chat with some of our student leaders. Don't worry, no need to dress-up. This is an informal chat where they will ask you some questions about your potential show plus some creative, funny icebreaker type questions as well.

And that's it! Pretty simple right?

Auditions are Monday, August 28 to Thursday, August 31 from 3:10pm to 8pm. No advanced sign-up is required, but do remember to fill out this form before you come on in.

Questions? Just email and ask, otherwise we look forward to seeing you soon!

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