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Step Inside Lyons Township with WLTL

We know that nearly 4,000 students arrive at Lyons Township High School each day, but what do we know about the staff that arrive ready to teach and support them?

Thanks to the students in the Media Arts: Radio & Podcasting course we now know a little bit more than before.

For their recent project they sat down with different administrators, staff and counselors to not only get to know what they do at LT, but also get to know them as well.

Check out the photos and listen to the interviews below!


Mr. Cody Dailey - College & Career Center Counselor


Mr. Peter Geddeis - Director of Student Activities


Ms. Tammy Miller - Counselor, LTHS Junior Class


Mr. Gary Morrill - Director of Security


Ms. Sarah Smith - Associate Principal, North Campus


Mr. Ed Tennant - Director Technology


Thanks for checking out these interviews! Be sure to check back for more work from our Radio & Podcasting courses at Lyons Township High School soon!

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