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Managers' Favorite Thanksgiving Food

When the leaves begin to change and weather begins to cool, we know fall is on the way. And with fall, comes Thanksgiving. One of my favorite holidays, I love the weather, seeing family, and most importantly the food. I asked our WLTL managers what their favorite Thanksgiving foods were.

First, the majority of managers said stuffing. Stuffing is one of the first foods I think of when hearing Thanksgiving, and for good reason. It is good plain, on bread, and especially stuffed in a turkey.

Second, mashed potatoes and gravy. Mashed potatoes are a food enjoyed for the entire holiday season.

Their buttery warmth draws us back time and time again. Created by Antoine-Augustin Parmentier, a

French prisoner of war, they have gained popularity

all over the world.

Third, is the famous pumpkin pie. One of the oldest foods european explorers brought to the new world, pumpkin pie has become a symbol of Thanksgiving in America.

Fourth, is ham. While turkey is normally associated with Thanksgiving, ham has grown as a staple food to celebrate the holiday. Americans eat around 24

million pounds of ham for Thanksgiving normally.

While this is much less than turkey, ham is the favorite around the station.

Finally, buttered rolls made our list. A big fan favorite,

this simple dish is enjoyed by many on Thanksgiving.


We did have some runner ups including mac and cheese, cranberry sauce, and green bean casserole. Overall, it is clear that our managers love Thanksgiving and its food. We wish you all a happy Thanksgiving!

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1 comentario

Joshua Boggess
Joshua Boggess
27 nov 2023

Don't care what anyone else says--CRANBERRY SAUCE FOR THE WIN!

Me gusta
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