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Post Rock-A-Thon Review

Rock-A-Thon 2024 is officially over. With over $17,000 raised, over the course of a week, all of us here at WLTL are very thankful for your support! So, besides the fundraising, what really happened during Rock-A-Thon 2024?

First of all, we had 16 different on air shifts with more than 75 students involved in the production of our weekend. We had people on air, behind cameras, making graphics, and so much more. If you tuned in at any given time, you could’ve seen spice challenges (hot chips or hot sauce), you could’ve seen yoga or jazzercise, you even could have potentially seen us dancing and singing and playing guitar! It was a long, chaotic weekend.

Students were on air from 8 am on Friday to 3 pm on Sunday. I know it sounds insane, but there were even students who took a shift on air from 12 am - 6 am, both Saturday and Sunday morning. Those overnight shifts are probably some of the silliest. On Saturday, we put on some press on nails, waxed some legs, and did the macarena (at 2:55 am. Let me tell you, it’s tiring!) On Sunday, there were superheroes, scattergories, and Wii Golf.

Even though they weren’t the overnight shifts, there was still chaos on our normal, daytime shifts. One group was taking hot sauce shots, (unfortunately, it wasn’t the Hot Sauce Hotties. Don’t know who they are? Check out Emma’s blog post! Rock-A-Thon - Hot Sauce Hotties ) while another group was doing yoga, and yet another group who played some jazz!

No matter what happened this weekend, it was all fun. It was live streamed on Twitch and we collected donations the whole time. If you didn’t get the chance to donate, the link is still posted! Rock-A-Thon 2024, and everything done by WLTL, couldn’t be possible without your help, thank you!

If you’d like to donate:

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