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WLTL Sends Two Into the NFL

Usually when you hear about people from your high school entering the NFL you expect that those people would have put on pads and taken to the field, but as the football season gets ready to kick-off this week, WLTL is proud to announce that two of our very own are beginning their rookie seasons in the league.

Mikaela Larson '18

Even before she left the hallways of Lyons Township, Mikaela knew she wanted to work in sports.

While attending the University of Michigan, she managed the Men's Lacrosse Team and was also a Fan Experience and Game Day Intern for Michigan sports, including games at The Big House (pictured).

So it is no surprise that upon graduation Mikaela was swooped up by the Miami Dolphins organization to work as a Business Analyst where she is working with data related to ticketing, marketing, concessions, sponsorships, surveys and more.

Patrick Catezone '18

When Patrick was at WLTL he was pretty much talking sports all the time. In the studio, at the games, in the name it, he was there - talking sports.

When he arrived at the University of Illinois his freshman we expected that trend to continue, and continue it did. Patrick went to work on-campus as a Producer at Illini Sports Night, plus he freelanced professionally for a sports site covering Illini sports as both a writer and a podcaster. And even though at WLTL he spent most of his time not dealing with video, he caught the bug in college. But we forgive him, mainly because he makes some amazing videos!

And we weren't the only ones who noticed, because not too long after getting his diploma the Minnesota Vikings picked up Patrick, naming him an Internal Content Production Associate. In this role he works on videos of all types!

As the NFL season kicks off this weekend, we are wishing both Mikaela and Patrick tons of luck in their roles! Check out the many great things our alumni are doing by clicking here.

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